February 17, 2013

  • I was in a car accident yesterday

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    So, I got into a car accident yesterday :(

    I was driving to the post office, and the building was on the left side. I was looking for a parking spot, because the parking lot was full. The lane was wide, but it was NOT a two lane street, so I was driving in the middle of my lane, and I was driving kind of slow, like 10-15 miles an hour… I saw a parking spot on the left side, on the street. I was going to turn left into the employee parking lot for the post office so I could turn around, and then parallel park on the street. There wasn’t any oncoming traffic, so I go to turn left, and BAM! My drivers side front scrapes along this other car that went OVER the DOUBLE YELLOW line, which means that you aren’t supposed PASS, in order to pass me on the left. What the FUCK. I wasn’t going fast enough for you or something? The speed limit is only 30 anyway!!

    So we get out of our cars and he starts screaming at me, like it was my fault!! He tried to say that my car was all the way to the right, which it wasn’t, because if you looked at the broken glass on the road from my fog light, I hit him a few inches to the right of the double yellow line, meaning his car was almost completely over the yellow line, and my car was pretty much in the middle of the wide lane. So he screams at me for like 5 minutes, and I argued against him, calmly, and he goes, “Okay, do you want to deal with this through insurance,” and I said yeah, whatever. Which, that SHOULD have been my first clue that the asshole didn’t want the cops involved, because you’re always supposed to call them where there’s damage involved, because insurance companies like the police reports of the accident. So I turn to go get my insurance card, and the motherfucker gets in his car and fuckin drives off!!! He probably didn’t have insurance, AND he knew that it WAS his fault.

    So I park in the post office parking lot, and call the cops and a police officer comes to make a report of the accident. He was very nice and everything, took pictures and details of the vehicle and the guy, which, I didn’t get a plate number, so the case itself is pretty much useless, except for helping my insurance claim. It will go on my record as not being my fault, so it shouldn’t raise my rates.

    My fog light is a little broken, and from the end of my headlight until the wheel well of the car, it’s a little scraped up and dented, and the wheel has some scrapes on it. The side mirror is also busted off. Then when I started driving, I noticed that in order to drive straight, my steering wheel has to be rotated a little to left, and as I’m driving, it wants to pull to the left, and when I keep it straight, something in the steering mechanism ticks. It also feels loose to steer my car…it just doesn’t feel safe to drive. I got it home, though, and I have an appointment for an estimate at the service center that my insurance has.

    The thing that really sucks is that I have a $500 deductible, and I’m not sure how I’m going to swing that. I have some candle orders that will help a little, and if some people could maybe grab a candle or two? That would certainly help! I listed some new things this morning in the shop:

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